S2169 NEW

"Early" Smooth Variety

This early smooth variety is outstanding combination of YIELD and TEST WEIGHT. It’s yeild is equal to S-2234 in low management environments and higher yielding variety in high management system. It is a medium statured plant type and yield leader across Midwest yield trials. A very good winter hardiness.

  • Excellent disease package with very high ratings for Head Scab, Leaf Rust, Glume Blotch
  • Very good choice for Double Cropping in all management systems
  • Very nice straw quality for those who don’t want bearded straw
  • Maintained heavy test weightStandabilityHead

5   ←Poor—   Disease Scores   —Excellent→   1

  • Leaf Rust 2
  • Head Scab 1.5
  • Stripe Rust 2
  • Glume Blotch 2

S2190 NEW

High Yielding Earlier Variety

TURITY The “New” Head Scab Resistant variety is an exciting addition to Superior Seed’s already strong line up of “High Yielding” genetically diverse wheat varieties. It has proven it’s self over 2 years of eld trial by consistently yielding 4-6% above the yield test location average. In 2019 it was 5.6 bpa better than Pioneer P25R40 in 13 dierent locations.

  • S-2190 SR has Racehorse type yeild potential yet stability and consistent performance Indiana wheat growers require.
  • S-2190 SR is very broadly adaptable and can be planted across a lot of dierent soil types and management practices.
  • S-2190 SR is an excellent choice for those “high management” growers reaching for those 100+ bpa yields but also want to harvest earlier for double cropping soybeans.

5   ←Poor—   Disease Scores   —Excellent→   1

  • Stripe Rust 1.8
  • Leaf Rust 1.8
  • Head Scab 2.5
  • Barley Yellow Dwarf 2.0

S2234 (Bearded)

The Yield King

This early-medium variety is truly a game changer as far as yield, and overall performance for Wheat production in our market. Beautiful line with great plant health, this variety will respond to intensive management for optimumprofit opportunities. The data is still coming in but the verdict is clear"The Yield King" has emerged.

  • +5.8 bpa vs. AP1104
  • Very good standability
  • Excellent choice for double cropping
  • Plant 1.4-1.6 million seeds / acre

5   ←Poor—   Disease Scores   —Excellent→   1

  • Leaf Rust 1.5
  • 2.5
  • Head Scab 1.3
  • Glume Blotch N/A