What Separates US

“The Superior Difference”

One morning this winter while sitting across the table from a large grower and his sons from Madison Co. I was asked a very pointed and direct question. He asked, “so tell me Doug, why should I buy my seed from Superior when I have all the large national brands calling on me to purchase seed from them?” Without giving it a moment’s thought, I responded...

Our Focus:
At Superior Seed our entire focus is to discover and release the very best corn, soybean and wheat genetics for southeastern Indiana. I explained, if we don’t succeed on your farm and your neighbor’s farms we will not be successful as a company. He looked at me smiled and said, “Well it’s working, our Superior soybeans have been the best varieties on my farm the last two years”.

Our Suppliers:
As licensees with all the leading genetic and trait providers around the globe we have the  ability to access the vey best genetics available to the seed industry today. Through rigorous replicated local research testing we are able to select the elite performers specifically proven for southeastern Indiana soil types and farming practices.

With over thirty years of personal experience working with growers in southeastern Indiana, I have learned what is needed to help growers maximize the return on every dollar of their seed investment. These are what I call the “Superior Difference”.

“Powerful Genetics, Superior Performance, Higher Profits”